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Higher Education Business & Leadership: Summer Edition


About Higher Education Business & Leadership: Summer Edition

The business of higher education has been turned on its head. Still coping with the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, university and college leadership are being forced to reinvent how their institutions function effectively going forward. Everything has to be examined including course curriculum, recruitment and enrollment strategies, technology implementation and training, and strategic partnerships with other institutions and associations. Students may be physically going back to campus, but the higher education business model is changed forever.

Join Fierce Education and higher education executives for the Business & Leadership: Summer Edition virtual event to learn what some university leaders are doing to alter their business models to accel in this new Education 3.0 world. Registration will be available soon!

Fierce Education Business and Leadership: Summer Edition | Fierce Digital Tech Events

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Articles of Interest

Sage Publishing


SAGE Publishing is inviting instructors to contribute to a new resource, SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research OnlineThis multimedia collection will be designed to support social science researchers of all levels in doing research online and would like to invite you to be an author.

They are accepting submissions for case studies (2000-5000 words) about specific research projects that used online research methods. These cases might focus on the challenges of redesigning research studies/adapting research plans for online researchthe challenges of specific steps of online research, using innovative or traditional digital methods, and challenges of online data analysis, including qualitative, quantitative, and big data.

Methods cases can provide insight into the behind-the-scenes decisions and processes that are rarely reflected on in research papers. They can focus on any area of the research process, providing junior researchers valuable lessons about the real practicalities of online research.

  • SAGE Research Methods is a peer-reviewed and award-winning digital teaching resource.
  • SAGE is guided by an advisory board of expert online researchers.
  • No fee is required to publish with SAGE Research Methods, and it is a great way to draw attention to your related original research.
  • Co-authorship is acceptable, and they have a range of submission dates available until mid-October 2021.
  • Following publication contributors will receive a year’s access to the new multimedia Doing Research Online resource.

Please fill in our brief online form to indicate your interest in contributing to the collection, and someone from SAGE will be in contact shortly.

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