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Claremont Lincoln University

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Central hub for Claremont Lincoln University Learning and Teaching Centers

CLU Center for Teaching, Learning & Leadership Purpose Statement

Welcome to the Center for Teaching, Learning & Leadership at Claremont Lincoln University. We support inclusive learning and teaching practices, innovative programs and training, community building, and strong collaborations and partnerships across our programs and university.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
― Aristotle
The purpose of Center for Teaching, Learning & Leadership at Claremont Lincoln University is to deepen our community commitment to learning that is robust, relational, and contributes to creating positive social change. To realize this purpose, we support faculty members in their pursuit of teaching, learning, and collaboration to promote the academic and professional growth of all students at Claremont Lincoln University.
To support our purpose, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Leadership includes the following goals:
• Support faculty members in learning about and implementing student-centered, evidence based, inclusive teaching practices and technologies.
• Promote a faculty culture of innovation, collaboration, and life-long learning.
• Innovate teaching practices, pedagogies, and digital engagement to build institutional capacity for supporting excellence in teaching and learning for our students.

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