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The Student and New Graduate Guide to Job Search

In this video, Indeed's Career Coach shares six interview tips for college students, including how to leverage your experience to stand out to employers.
Indeed. (2022, July 8). 5 best interview tips for college students. [Video]. YouTube.

Are you looking for a new job? Are you just starting or considering a second career?

Are you looking for a new job? Are you just starting or considering a second career?
Whether you know what industry or job you want to pursue or are still undecided, some excellent career tools are available to assist and steer you in the right way. Here is a list of professional resources to assess:

  • Those considering a particular career route ought to start here. A ten-year job outlook, information on what you must do to enter a specific profession, and a list of occupations you are qualified for are all included in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), which is a valuable resource. It offers comprehensive information on the general working environment and state-specific job data, such as the average salary and the minimum and maximum earnings within the field.
  • Test your job-related skill set at Mind Tools to see how you rank in areas like communication, problem-solving, and stress management. Then, use the self-development career resources they offer to improve your talents and make yourself more appealing to possible employers.
  • The US Department of Labor has a wealth of data available, ranging from statistics like the national unemployment rate to employment laws and initiatives.
  • The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics offers several valuable reports on employment statistics and 10-year predictions. Use them to see if the selected job is suffering a talent shortage or is likely to experience one. If your talents fit the demands of businesses, you might anticipate a greater beginning wage or more tempting bonuses before applying for a job or preparing for a job interview.