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Claremont Lincoln University

Finding and Evaluating Resources

Where to look for resources


Looking in the library catalog is a great place to start.  Not only can you find print books, but you can also find electronic books and journal articles as well.

The catalog is going to be your best bet for finding the resources you need!

E-book services available and how to access them

Claremont Lincoln University Library has numerous e-book services available to students, faculty and staff.  E-books are a wonderful resource, as they allow users to access from anywhere, at any time!

To access e-books, users simply need to use their CLU e-mail and password credentials.  Here's a brief walk through on remote access, in case you need it!

Head over the Claremont Lincoln University's A to Z database page to see what e-book collections are available for users!


Books are a great way to find information on a topic.  Using the library catalog allows you to find electronic books that are part of the library's collection.

Books v Articles

The infographic below, created by the Community College of Baltimore County Library, gives a great breakdown on the difference between a book and a scholarly article.

Books v Articles inforgraphic