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Guide for upcoming CLU Career Fair

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If you missed a session at our 2021 Career Fair, the recordings from past sessions are here for you to view!  Please visit our survey if you are considering watching an archive and would like to share your thoughts on the presentation. 

Leadership Skills to Crush Your First 90 Days | Dr. Marisol Capellan

Transforming Culture and Creating Partnership With "Generous Listening" | Matthew Solomon

Leading Yourself To Influence Others | Jimmie Stephens

How To Make A Career Change 6 Actionable Tips | Loubna Charef

Resumes for the Non-Traditional Candidate | Jennifer Ewing

Engaging My Traits Personality in the Workplace | Dr. David Ross

Leading with Authenticity for Dialogue & Collaboration | Mike Capps and Stephanie Varnon-Hughes

Own Your Brand - New Media and Communication Possibilities | Dr. Joe Sallustio

Understanding Behaviors around Communication within the Workplace | Jennifer Ewing

How Can Future Leaders Create Balance in their Lives and Work | Patricia Bloj

Secrets of the NEW Elevator Pitch | Chris Westfall

Building Successful Relationships During Uncertain Times | Eric Williamson

Evaluate Your Resume and Land Dream Career | Nyrobi S. Wheeler

Professional Writing in the Workplace | Chad Collins

Millennials and Gen Z in the Workplace | Arbazz Nizami

Intercultural Communication in an Interdependent World | Chris Trevett

Creating and Building Your Brand | Donna M. Okaro

The Marvelous Multipurpose POP | Audrey Jordan, Ph.D.

Leadership Language Insights into Persuasion and Influence | Chris Westfall

Success is an Inside Job | Haseena Shaheed-Jackson