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Capstone Lab: Capstone Lab

You have a Capstone Mentor

As you begin working in the Capstone lab, it is important to know who to contact and connect with your Capstone mentor. Your mentor will be your main point of contact for questions and support as you work through the lab. Your mentor will also grade and provide feedback on your submitted work.
Capstone mentors are assigned based on your last name.  Please learn about our mentors below and contact them with questions or concerns.
Cecelia Doyle, Ed.D.: Last Name A - M
Nancy Moretti, Ed.S.: Last Name N - Z
Dr. Ashley Gimbal:  Director of Research and Writing

Guide on Writing Research Questions

Capstone Lab

To enter the Capstone Lab within Canvas, click on the photograph above. 

Capstone Archives

Our founder, Mr. David C. Lincoln, believed that CLU students and their work would create a multiplier effect. Student Capstones at CLU represent the gained competencies and expertise that graduates bring into their communities and professional contexts as leaders engaging in positive social change.

Understanding the Capstone Process

More About the Capstone Lab
The Capstone Lab is placed on all new students’ dashboards upon enrollment. We do this so students can begin thinking about their final Capstone paper.  Some students start working in the lab from day one, and others wait. The lab is self-paced.  
We recommend the following schedule:
  • Module One:  (Complete by your 5th class)
    • Choose Your Topic Survey
    • Chapter One – Introduction
  • Module Two:  (Complete by your 7th class)
    •  Academic Research Quiz
    • Chapter Two – Literature Review
    • Submit your IRB for Approval
  • Module Three: (Complete by the end of your 9th class)
    • APA Formatting Quiz
    • Chapter Three
As suggested, students who complete the lab have shared that as they research for written assignments, reflections, and discussion boards, they often find literature they can use for their Capstone.  Thus, staying on schedule (although not required, is highly suggested).  Since chapters one through three are due in week one of the capstone, students should complete the lab before moving into their final CLU course. 
Your Capstone Mentors recommend that students begin working in the lab and start thinking about their final project early on.  If you work in the lab during slower weeks (weeks when only discussion boards are due) and in between terms, you’ll be able to achieve the suggested schedule. 
For more information on the Capstone Lab, please visit it today! If you still have questions, please email a Capstone Mentor at