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Claremont Lincoln University

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Calendar of Events

Ethics - Open Office Hour with Nancy Moretti - July 5 at 4 PM Pacific

During this week's office hour, we will discuss how ethics can influence personal and professional behavior. We will discuss the importance of maintaining confidentiality, applying ethical decision-making, and determining how to respond to unethical behavior.

Diversity: The Basics - Open Office Hour with Nancy Moretti - July 12 at 2 PM Pacific 

In this session, we will discuss the elements of workplace diversity and its influence on job performance. We will then discuss the dangers of stereotyping, prejudice, and not respecting cultural differences.   

Communication - Open Office Hour with Nancy Moretti - July 19 at 4 PM Pacific 

In this session, we will discuss the communication process and the impact of effective communication. We will consider the importance of word choice and effective listening and identify the principles of non-verbal communication. 

 Motivation - Open Office Hour with Nancy Moretti - July 26 at 2 PM Pacific 

This week, we will discuss and define motivation and motivational factors. Participants will be 

asked to share what motivates them. 

 We continue to add events; come back often to learn more and register!

Writing Center

These resources on graduate level writing, APA formatting, issues of academic integrity, research, and Capstone information support students and faculty members in preparing Claremont Lincoln University students to excel in communicating their ideas and leadership as they participate in positive social change.

Resources for Success

These modules include every kind of resource students will need during their time at CLU: financial aid forms, Canvas user guides, contact information for the Writing Coach and Professional Coach, information about VitalSource and the library, where to look for instructor feedback, and tips for being a successful student. These resources also include links, downloadables, tutorials, and videos from CLU faculty and staff.

Capstone Lab

As the final and culminating course in a student’s degree program, the Capstone Project provides learners the opportunity to demonstrate the integration of the program and institutional learning outcomes through a project in their professional capacity.
The planning for this course begins at the program's outset, continues through the evolution of learning, and culminates with the student being fully prepared to implement the project during the Capstone course. The specific content in the student’s degree program provides a foundation for the research and study of this project. Students integrate their program content, knowledge, skills, abilities, and professional experience to demonstrate how they learned to be more effective leaders for values-based, measurable, positive change.