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Claremont Lincoln University

Citation Guide

A research guide to help users navigate APA style citations and plagiarism.

Why Citations Matter

Academic Integrity

University Policy on Plagiarism

The Claremont Lincoln University catalog currently states that "The University recognizes that plagiarism is culturally defined. Consequently, students not experienced in the U.S. educational system may be asked to rewrite plagiarized work without the assumption of dishonest intent on the student’s part. Nevertheless, under no circumstances is plagiarized work acceptable, and all students are expected to learn what constitutes plagiarism in the U.S. educational context..... Consequences: If it is determined that cheating or academic dishonesty has taken place, the instructor will report the student’s name to the Dean. A letter regarding the academic dishonesty will be issued by the Dean. It will be placed in the student’s official file in the Office of Student Services and a copy will be sent to the student. The Dean is responsible for administering all penalties." (pg. 19-20)


According to Webster's New College Dictionary, 3rd edition (2008), plagiarizing is "to steal and use (the ideas or writings of another) as one's own."  You MUST cite your sources using the APA citation style, which is the approved style of Claremont Lincoln University. 

This page contains videos and tutorials that will help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.  Remote login is required to view all videos on this page.