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Claremont Lincoln University

CLU Student Success Fair: Home

Leadership at the Core: Skills for Success in the Classroom and Beyond

If you missed a session from our 2022 Student Success Fair, the recordings from past sessions are here for you to view!  Please complete our survey if you have watched an archive. 

Thank you!


Don’t Pull Your Hair Out: Stress-Free Studying

Path to the Capstone Preparing for your Final Project

Important Student Policies and Practices for Successful Academic Progress

Please note: There is a slight error on slide five.  The Withdrawal Deadline is the close of business on Friday in week five. 

Returning to College After a Very Long Break

Meet Our Alumni and Learn from their Success!

APA 7 Basics: Tips and Tricks

Staying in your Zone of Resilience Throughout Graduate School (And Life)


Having Courageous Conversations


An Introduction to Excel – A Beginner’s Guide to Excel Basics